Custom diamond jewelry created by Tassen  jewelry. Building jewelry designs in Lake Tahoe for the past 29 years. Creating unique custom designs tailored to the individual's personal taste and likes.doing custom designs for many jewelry stores.

Custom jewelry design

business address 9709 Highway 267 Truckee, CA 96161

I have been doing business in Lake Tahoe for the past 29 years.

Custom jewelry designs are created by Tassen jewelry

Tassen jewelry is a full-service custom  jeweler creating all types of custom jewelry design.

Custom jewelry, Diamond fashion rings engagement rings, bracelets, diamond earrings.

Working with all types of precious metals 14k,18k yellow and white gold and sterling silver.

Custom jewelry designs in both gold and silver jewelry. The designs are created with the CAD program.

Jewelry repair gold and silver jewelry.

Building custom jewelry designs for

custom silver jewelry is accented with colored stones.

The custom gold jewelry is created with diamonds and other colored stones.

Jewelry design and repair design services I provide are unsurpassed in the quality and the creativity.

Custom jewelry is what I enjoy making most.

Living in Lake Tahoe for the last 30 years.

Custom jewelry design is my specialty.

Tassen jewelry repairs all types of jewelry gold and silver.

The artist Mark Phillips has an extensive background in art and engineering.

Diamond engagement rings are created to the customers liking.

Lake Tahoe is the best place to me making custom designs and doing repair.

My shop is located in North Lake Tahoe on Highway 267 Truckee California.

 Men’s engagement rings are created with and without diamonds.

Engagement rings are made with the top quality materials.

I supplied my customers with top quality diamonds creating the best quality engagement rings.

I worked directly with the customer to design precisely the custom they want.

Designing custom engagement rings is very personal, so creating the correct design is very important to me.

Tassen jewelry repairs all types of jewelry.

Providing custom jewelry services to stores around the lake Tahoe area.

Custom jewelry design for

I enjoy making custom engagement rings because they’re so very special.

Women’s engagement rings are the most important piece of jewelry that a woman owns.

I apply all my skills to ensure I make the ring that she wants.

When I build a custom design for a customer I created in CAD then I create renderings for the customer view.

Mark Phillips repairs and designs custom jewelry.

Building jewelry with CAD creates the best quality of jewelry.

When building a custom design engagement ring, the customer provides me with pictures and a description of the type of engagement ring they want.

I enjoy living in Lake Tahoe.

I used top quality diamonds in all of my custom designs giving the customer the best product.

The diamonds I use come from a diamond dealer I have had for the last 30 years.

I can guarantee the quality and clarity of the stones I use.

Exclusive designer for

About the artist Mark Phillips jewelry designer

I have supplied the Lake Tahoe region for the last 30 years.

Mark’s education includes studying arts crafts and trades in 14 different countries.

Building designs with all types of metals gold and silver.

Creating designs with all types of stones, diamonds and colored stones.

Creating designs from diamond engagement rings to colored stone fashion rings.

All types of jewelry, pendants, ear rings and bracelets.

I am passionate about the designs I create, especially engagement rings.


When creating a custom jewelry designs there are many questions to ask the customer. What are their personal styles? With engagement rings do they want classical diamond designs or designs that do not incorporate diamonds this is especially true in man’s wedding rings. Many other questions include how big they want the center stone.

What type of setting they would like a solitaire with prongs or bezel set.

Do they want accident diamonds with the solitaire.

Do they want the wedding band to have diamonds or just a gold band.



I do repair work for

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Repair and custom work

Custom jewelry design for

My jewelry program

Creating custom designs for


Creating custom designs in Lake Tahoe for the last 29 years. Exclusive design work for people in Incline Village.

The best design work and all of Lake Tahoe